register PSCredentialStore


Powershell Tool for Credential Storage

what's that?

It's a simple credential store for powershell, that helps you organize your logins for different contextes.

The credentialstore has multiple items, each of which can hold a pair of Username/Password information, and the credentials can be retrieved as NetworkCredential Object.

The credentials are stored in the "user.cred" file in the personal directory ([[Environment]::GetFolderPath("Personal")]). Passwords are encrypted by windows.

Getting started

After pulling it, register the file in your UserProfile to have the credential store available in your console

. YOURPATH\CredentialStore-Tools.ps1


Adding new credentials to the store

> Add-CredentialsToStore("my-credentials")
Insert UserName: 
my user
Insert Password: 

Updating credentials

> Set-CredentialsInStore("my-credentials")
Insert UserName: 
other user
Insert Password: 

Usage in your functions

You should always check that the credentialstore is available.

if (Get-Command In-CredentialStore -errorAction SilentlyContinue) {
  if (In-CredentialStore($for)) { return Get-CredentialStore($for); }